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The Kingdom's Fool

George Brown is quickly losing in his seat on the Kingdom throne and is becoming the Jester of Pender County. He certainly made a fool out of himself Monday night at the Pender County Budget meeting.

George Brown showed his true colors in full light. It seems that since Dr. Jack Griffith, Director the Pender County Health Department, has decided to stand his ground and let the County know that he will not leave on his own will, Mr. Brown has decided to made his next move in this endless game of chess. He wants to fire all the Medical Doctors.

Mr. Brown put on a public display by announcing his plans to get rid of the five Doctors providing needed health services to the under privileged using the Pender County Health Department. Mr. Brown’s rant was borderline rage as he attempted to convince the others in attendance that the County and the taxpayers were wasting a million dollars a year on these Doctors when the same services could be provided by a single nurse and assistant.

Where does Mr. Brown find such basis to his statement, “it doesn’t matter if it’s self supporting or if it’s paid by grants, it still taxpayer’s money”. George, can you please go over that middle part again? It was very obvious Monday night that you don’t get it even as several attempts during the meeting were made to explain it to you.

That’s correct George; it’s not coming out of the county budget. The Doctors are self-supported through insurance moneys and the State, not by Pender County taxpayers as you suggested. The Doctors are a cash positive business at the Health Department. You need to be better informed when you speak about the Pender County budget in a public forum. More than 95% of the time, the Doctors make money for the County.

Then George continued, “They are being paid a million dollars”! And continue again, “A nurse and an assistant can do what they do.”! The fool continues with his rage again, “the Doctors are being paid a million dollars and a nurse can do what these Doctors are doing for less”!

So George, who is this nurse you speak of? Would it happen to be Nurse Shirley Steele? Is this the same nurse that you have been in cahoots with since day one when you said she anonymously came to you with accusations against Dr. Jack Griffith and his Health Department?

What is about Ms. Steele that causes you to get all riled up that you would make a idiot of yourself. Why do you continue to support her capabilities? Is she an Internist? Is she a pediatrician? Is she a Dentist? Can she help a patient with anything other than STDs? What is it about this nurse that has turned you into the Pender County joke?

George, what happened to the drug use in the Health Department accusation? Yes, as you well know, it was shot down George. Shirley Steele denied the charge when interviewed by the members of the Board of Health. The sad part is Roberta Bost, Trey Thurmand, Rick Benton and Jimmy Tate who have continued to follow your lead decided not to release the information to the local press, stating that Ms. Steele lied. This is defiantly considered a cover up by government officials.

What Ms. Steele ended up changing her story to was “I thought I smelled alcohol on an employee’s breath one day a couple of years ago”. Fact! FRONT PAGE NEWS; Massive drug abusive at the Pender County Health Department! LIVE AT 5; Interviews with employee speaking up on drug use at the Pender County Health Department!

To this day, the local press still considers the proud moment of the hidden interviews as captured factual truth which you knew they would. I guess none of this was designed to protect the innocent, only to protect the guilty.

George, what happened to the Medicaid fraud and the HIPAA violations you accused Dr Jack Griffith and the Health Department of? Was it not later discovered there was never any basis for those accusations, but you along with your team of Roberta Bost, Trey Thurman and Rick Benton have again never presented a public release stating otherwise. You have again denied the Pender County citizens the truth.

George, you’ve also created an environment of false accusations of discrimination in the county. Black on Hispanic, Black on Black, White on Black, Black on White and White on Hispanic. Have I missed any? Oh yes, Hispanic on White. It’s like walking into an ice cream store and having to choose a flavor. Take your pick and think I’ll make it a mixed double on that cone. These are all accusations with no basis. Oh yes, then was the one seventy something year old employee screaming age discrimination when someone referred to her as elderly. What is it with all this?

Commissioner Brown, what is your real purpose with this continued battle with the Health Department? Is it to rid Pender County of health care for the poor, the immigrants and anyone in need? Is this not considered a form of racism Commissioner Brown? Where would you rather have the money in the Budget to go? Or is it not about the Budget? Is it to make Ms Steele head of the Health Department? So then the money can go elsewhere. Where is that George?

I was happy to see Commissioner Blanchard step up to the plate at the meeting and put Commissioner Brown in his place. I’m proud of you Mr. Blanchard. You are a real man. Much more than Commissioners, Williams and Rivenbark whom have decided to sit and cower on the sidelines from the beginning of these events. Of course, I will also include George’s other partner in crime on this list, Commissioner Jimmy Tate. His weakness as with the others, is an embarrassment to the human race.

The game is up George Brown. You’ve been had! You are a disappointment to Pender County.

You need to step down as a Commissioner and take Ms. Steele with you when you leave!

Btw, before you go, would you happen to have Freddie Brown’s phone number?


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