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Vote for Berger...Do the Right thing

Notice how once again Caster is trying to distract voters from an issue that matters- Caster's dishonesty and lack of integrity - indicative of 18 years of lying to the public while in office. What else is Bill lying about?

What has he lied about all these years? There are a lot of questions.

Instead of raising those questions, Berger's talking about the Utility Authority and taxes and stuff that matters.

And Caster, and his sleazy supporters, they just keep lying to the media and public and attacking Brian Berger. Throwing around lies to distract voters and try to taint Brian, who happens to be a good person. That's been Caster's whole campaign. He should be ashamed of himself. All the so-called Republicans supporting Lying Bill and throwing around lies about Brian are proving only one thing: they have no honor and are disgracing the Republican Party.

Caster is a disgrace. If Alex Dale, Rick Catlin and other so-called Republican leaders don't speak up, they will be showing there true colors and this republican will work tirelessly to expose them for their support of disgraceful, dishonest Bill. Alex? Rick? All you other party leaders and are showing your true colors now...and if you do not speak up, you will not get my vote in November. Integrity matters...does the GOP have any? Caster is walking proof that the answer is "no" and will remain "no" until republicans tell caster "bill, you need to go."

Billy you need to go. I'm voting for Brian Berger.

(Caster and his supporters have been shameless. Heartless. Dishonest. Vicious. I could go on. I feel sorry for Brian. Nobody deserves the abuse he's taken just for doing the right thing and having beleifs Ronald Reagan and our Founding Fathers would be proud of...)


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