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Bill Caster & Joeseph McCarthy sleaze

McCarthy came back from WW2 and was a Senator from Wisconsin- after serving for many years he started accusing people of all sorts of things. Like Caster he had no facts, was mean spirited and would hurl charges and innuendo-sometimes knowing they were not true-sound familiar--well if you missed Joe- we now have Bill-- no facts- a mediocre record--but arrogance and an intense greed for power.
I too will vote for Berger=he's fine and knowledgable on issues- has class. No way will I vote for Caster= he is a disaster for our County. By the way someone should tell Caster that not everybody plays sleaze like him-the comment by one of his supporters that this is a "tiny issue" is a sad one-- I care abount County too- that's why I am voting for Berger and against Caster and the failed Caster record.


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