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Dear CharlotteLiar, Let me

Dear CharlotteLiar,
Let me set a few things straight for you, I am not Caster nor did anyone send me an email to write this or ask me to sign my name. Unlike most people, I did my OWN research on both of the candidates including voting records(for caster only) googled, visted both of their websites, and have looked u previous experience & employment. While on Berger's site, I visted one of his tabs that listed a number of sites to visit. EVERY single one of them had extremely, almost IDENTICAL comments. After reading this story, I read a few comments- 2 of them almost word for word of comments I have read on a completly different site. I know enough about campaigns and politics to know that's not normal& just by chance. If you don't believe that for proof, go check them yourself. I can't bring myself to support someone who promotes sites that are obviously set up to tear down another mans reputation. I've met both candidates- truthfully, I'm not really impressed with either one. Again, lesser of the evil and I believe the lesser is Bill.
This is politics- not church. Don't bring your religious views in this to put ME down or others you don't know. If I'm not mistaken, the bible calls for love, not judgement- so before you push the bible on others, take a look in the mirror.


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