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Berger has a record-problem is Castor has one too

An earlier comment showed the comparison bewteen the tactics of Joe MccARTHY AND CASTER.
Throw enough mud- lie enough with innuendo -and just hope voters are fooled.
I'm a consultant too- and if Caster and Bender dont like that answer-too damn bad.
Let's look at issues-spending, waste, Titan etc--Are we better off with Berger or Caster on those issues? Are we better off with the campaign tactics that Caster and bender have employed? Simply put, when I look at issues that will really count in next four years , I would prefer Berger. If you look at record- better a candidate not part of the status quo-than someone with caster's record. ALL the money and all the innuendo and lies can't change the record of caster failures. I hope people will vote for change- we have a chance to make our Party better.


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