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Might as well be National Enquirer

Firstly, for the comment about the teacher being prosecuted, you're assuming (much like this news station) that the teacher did something wrong or was even aware of the situation based upon a mothers conversation with her 5 year old child. Her child didn't say an adult did this, but another child. Probably a child of the same age. Is that really sexual assault? Who knows what the intent of the other child was, if it even happened. I agree that both children's families need to be looked at and this type of information reported, but you have to know about it to report it. People are so quick to jump to judgement of someone based upon who yells the loudest first. This isn't the type of thing you throw accusations around wildly about. This mother went to the news station to make them "aware" of this. Why would you do that first? And for that matter why would a news station report a story like this without any factual information? The article is poorly written and is only looking for shock value. WWAY should be ashamed of themselves for this tabloid style of reporting. Pitiful!


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