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To WilmingtonMAJ and others

Tried to post this once but something happened to my computer and it didn't post.

To all those who say "4-5 year olds are to young to even know what sex is" or "they are just experimenting" let me tell you a story...I have a family member (not even going to tell the relationship of her to myself to maintain privacy) she was sexually abused at the age of 3. One adult abused her while the other one watched and laughed. When she told of this to her other family members they ended up in the court systems. One of the things she told the judge was the difference between when a man is "excited" and when he is not. As in, what happens to a specific body part when a man gets excited...keep in mind that she was 3.

Now don't tell me that 3-4 year olds don't know what sex is. As far as experimenting goes I would worry more about the child that committed the acts against the other child. Where did he learn those??? I am not sure if this was a true assault from one child to another but I would definitely check into the one child's home life. I would also check on the teacher that didn't report this as he/she should have and why???


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