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Drunk Driving

Im not sure I share the same vengence as most of you do. The accident was a tragedy for sure but in my opinion the our jails are filled with people who have broken the law but are not criminals. In my opinion a drunk is pathetic but not a criminal. Sending them to prison doesnt do a thing except cost us money. I can think of a dozen alternative ways of treating such behavior. Its like a woman who gets into an accident and her child gets killed. She faces a murder wrap if the child wasnt in a child seat. Is she really a murderer and criminal....not in my mind. Twenty years ago such an accident would have been a its murder only because they passed a law saying it is.
Over 80,000 people die every year in hospitals because someone screwed up. Thats 20 times the mortality rate of people killed by drunk drivers. How many Doctors and nurses do you see going to prison. Im not suggesting they do, but I do believe this society needs to find alternative methods of dealing with non criminal minds. If there is no intent to me its not a murder. Our prison space should be reserved for those that have no regard for life at all and intentionally take a life.


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