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To all the people defending this guy......
Once is an accident! This piece of work is a habitual offender! His charge reflects it! He killed a friend of mine. It could have been one of your family members. His family can still visit him. Satu's family can NEVER visit her again. Look into his record and you will see he isn't the angel you think he is. He should pass go and head straight to the death chamber. Drinking is no excuse for anything. Anyone who defends this guy makes me sick. How can you make excuses for him? "He's not a bad guy" BULLS**T!! He made a choice to get pilled up, drunk, and get behind the wheel of a car. Thus turning the vehicle into a deadly weapon and taking a life. This was a concious choice just as picking up a firearm and shooting someone. The only difference here is the weapon of choice!
R.I.P Satu!!!


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