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Where is accountability here?

I understand our prisions are crowed but people have to be made accountable for their actions. This guy had been accused of drunk driving in the past. He hhad already known the penalty. He was pushing fate. How many people does he have to kill before you consider it a criminal offense? You have to put yourself in the shoes of the family and friends of the breaved. Had this drunk driver been in your neighborhood that day and struck a friend or family member of yours you too would want justice. I think you over smiplify the situation. Doctors an nurses are covered by malpractice insurance their intent is good when they are trying to help someone. Someone who is driving drunk is only self absored moron. There is no helpful intent there. The law looks at intent. The drunk driver know full well the dangers of drinking an driving. He is an alcoholic he has an illness and no slef control. Much like a pedophile who can not control thensleves and a danger to the public an there is no way for him to help himself so he must be imprisoned to pay for his crimes againt this community.! There is not real arguement for anything other than murder.Anyone who thinks otherwise there are alanon meetings for you to attend to help you stop enabling your alcoholic.


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