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Useful Idiots

You people that actually support Bill Caster are pathetic. You have done absolutely no research - no simple investigation into what lurks just behind the scenes. You have no looked at his campaign contributions. You have not looked at who he supports giving county contracts to. You actually have been drinking the Caster Kool-Aid and think that a vote for Bill Caster is a vote for your best interest. Quit posting your ignorant opinions on here, and do some fact-based research.

Bill Caster has one thing on his agenda - money and power. We have 18 years of public evidence screaming this fact. You cannot point to one thing Bill has done to make your life better. Your government is more expensive and more corrupt thanks to 18 years of this man. That is a FACT.

You have bought the lie. You probably are so disingenuous that you actually talk about being in favor of term limits in your social circles - but when it comes time to put your money where your mouth is so to speak, you re-elect the 18 year incumbent. We all have the power of term limits at the voting booth.

We know Bill Caster. We know that with him in power we have to pay more taxes. We have to put up with his lies and distortions. He's been going around talking about being against forced annexation - but in 18 years, and with two terms as chairman of the board, never has he passed a resolution against it. Thompson easily did this after only a short time in the chairman's seat.

Bill Caster is strongly supported by ultra-liberal insider Bill Saffo. Look at Hanover Realty on Oleander Dr. decorated with Caster signs. For the Caster-bots to talk about Barfield's support of Berger; what's the difference? Saffo, easily as liberal as Barfield supports Caster.

Bill Caster has had his chance. He has made things more expensive, more corrupt, and more contemptible in his 18 years. If you support him yet again - you are voting against your own best interest. No - Brian Berger didn't hang the moon. You come up with the most inane criticisms of Berger as a reason to support 4 more years of corrupted obfuscation.

Give the guy a chance to bring a new perspective. Vote Berger. Try something different. We already have every other local politician as an insider, pro-status quo type. Let's try some balance for once people. 18 years is more than enough.



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