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im for caster

Im for caster.
I have NOT sipped the "kool-aid" as some radical posted below. the only kool-aid thats out there is this radical republican group voting for crooks like Berger.
Im a registered independent voter, and hold a very successful job as political consultant. I know almost everything you can get on a person without being a government official and I have not found anything that would deter me from voting for Caster.
However, after trying to research ANYTHING about Berger, my search didnt come up with much except a few "misleading" occupational facts.
BRIAN BERGER LIES ON HIS RESUME, HE LIES ON THE RADIO, HE LIES IN HIS AD'S, AND HE LIES ON HIS WEBSITE. How could you possibly vote for such a phony politician. Not to mention how many times he has switched affiliation. THAT SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST SIGN YOU CANT TRUST BRIAN BERGER!

If you have any type of common sense, you'll vote for Caster today. Please dont be an idiot and vote Berger into office- I cant put into words how TOXIC he would be for OUR county!


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