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I continue to be amazed

at the budget process.

Regardless of county involved, each County budget factors in certain funds which they anticipate the State will provide.

As our State faced nearly a One Billion Dollar deficit, which the Legislature is currently struggling to cover as they try to hammer a budget together which the Governor will sign, I wonder how realistic any County Budget put forth now will be.

Today is June 22. The new state budget is to be in place by July 1. In theory, if the budget has not been approved and signed, not only will no state money be forthcoming to each county after June 30; but, the State Government could be forced to cease operations.

That latter option might not be so bad. Perhaps it would force legislators and bureaucrats to think like business people and realize you can not spend more than you take in.

Currently, the state still has approximately 300,000 unprocessed tax returns with approximately $200,000,000 in anticipated tax refunds.

That $200,000,000 has to come from some place. And I remain amazed that they plan to implement a new budget with this significant 2009 liability hanging over the State Treasury's head.

That's just the tip of the iceberg.

If they think this year's budget process was tough; wait until next year when the Feds will not have stimulus money to dispense. Wait until all of the Medicaid funding cuts hit that will result from Obamacare. And those are just 2 of many issues which could cause a financial tsunami to hit our state within 12 months.

But, do not be surprised, within the next week, if every county is back at the drawing board, fine tuning their budget, when the reality of state funding hits.


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