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Stop with the innuendo-Caster lost

If you look at comments under "Caster e-mail sent to DA" and this comment-you notice same innuendo from same person(straight shooter)-is bill caster still sending e-mails? Enough- caster lost attcking his opponent won't change result and you don't address what he did-==but if it makes you happy keep making sleaze innuendo statements-the voters will decide in November--and at least we won't have to wory about caster--frankly most people wouldn't run but if they did they would not allow friends or associates to be attacked unfairly by the likes of people like you and Caster= I think the young man answered the question on WWAY3 when you planted the same crap and if you dont like the answer-tough-your free to vote for another. But get real and let it go-you lost and the issue is Caster e-mails


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