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Remind Caster WHY he lost!

I just read that Caster thinks he got beat because everyone is tired of the incumbants. Mr. Caster, your arrogance, lies, your attitude, your one sided votes on issues that have caused a negative impact on county residents, your inability to "watch" over your county's business, Your unwillingness to come into the 21st century, your inability to balance a budget to know how much you can spend and what to do when funds aren't available, your inability to keep track of New Hanover County's annual budget showing dollars and dollars of mistakes and your inability to compromise and listen to other's way of thinking are but a FEW of the reasons it is past time for you to go home and stay out of the county's business. But don't feel alone. . I'm sure there will be more to follow you out the door when their time comes for re-election. And, that's not only on the county level. Folks are tired of the whining because of lack of money for repairs followed by over spending and building buildings we can't afford. You can all start planning a retirement trip together. Our wishes have fallen on deaf ears for a long time with the council and commissioners and this is what you get when you forget how you got in to office in the first place and WHY YOU WERE PUT IN OFFICE. Do you even remember??


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