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Bill Caster Misconduct?

We know now that Bill was directly involved in the sleaze and personal attacks directed at Berger. Wonder if WWAY or the Wilmington Star ever apologized for their very questionable reporting or acknowledged who played a role in those stories attacking or questioning Berger's truthfullness, like the story WWAY ran painting Brian as a complainer and the next day bragging about how WWAY "broke" the story which in fact proved Brian was telling the truth all along - not complaining, as it turns out - he was doing the media's job for them and WWAY took credit after Berger's story was verified as being factual. Was there ever an apology?

Tricia Vance's ridiculous editorial and refusal to admit that all of Caster's lies to the media were wrong in any way whatsoever speaks to her lack of integrity. She even blamed some "fictitious" or "super secret" "Berger supporter" for being wrong to question Caster lying, but never saw anything wrong with Caster being dishonest...what does that say about the moral standards of the Wilmington Star and Tricia V. and Bob Gruber?

I suppose they also blame robbery victims for saying, "I was robbed" and defend the thug who committed the robbery. I have yet to read an apology and the star never even acknowledged the story which WWAY did do a very solid job reporting on it after checking the facts for themselves.

However, there may be a lot more to this story...I have heard it suggested that non-profit organizations may have violated the law in promoting Bill Caster. If true, that would be illegal I think? Was Caster involved or aware of those violations by any non-profit organizations?

And what was the origin of the out-of-context and perhaps unfair mass headline story calling Berger a liar ("Berger fibs") the night before the election. That doesn't smell right still and seems "planted" by the Caster campaign; not newsworthy as I heard Berger talk about the same thing during the campaign and most people would agree if asked to weigh the facts and not names that the "liar" headline was way over the top...berger mispoke, but he was discussing something he has discussed before, just wasn't as clear as he could have been but was not "lying" or trying to deceive anyone. Caster was absolutely attempting to deceive in his email and the cover-up after the email story emerged.

Berger immediately owned up to his mistake, and clarified in detail what he in fact meant, Caster lied intentionally and then lied again, and still didn;t really come clean when confronted with evidence that he was busted!

In addition to non-profits, perhaps, who else was involved in Caster's campaign of lies besides Caster himself and Dave Benford (the highest paid "volunteer" in history). Were certain self-described "political consultants" in Wilmington involved in spreading malicious lies about Berger? If so, who, and were any laws broken by them such as slander/defamation? Did Caster pay them or anyone else to spread lies about Berger? Did he have any private investigators stalking Berger or his family?

And who financed Caster's negative campaign. It seems like Caster's campaign cost an awful lot of money...where did that money come from? If there's a story there, WWAY should "break it" and there just might be a whole series of newsworthy stories, involving caster's actions as a Commissioner (voting for dollars?), County government decisions such as purchasing/contracts, lobbying other politicians, zonings, appointments, salaries. Where does the story end, maybe we've heard all there is to hear...but it's more likely WWAY is sitting on a series of bombshells and doesn't know it or doesn't want to tell the rest of this story.

Mr D.A. - where are you????


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