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Justin, Thank you for


Thank you for getting your word out on this. This sales tax increase vote was a scam of the lowest order.

Government has gotten way too big for the good of "We the People" and this is a most unfortunate turn of events. As our economy falters, more and more piggies show up at the trough.

I take some comfort in seeing the defeat of Bill Caster and celebrate that one less sleazeball's hand is in my pocket.

One of my biggest voting regrets is having voted for Mr. Barfield. I took his "independent and objective" bait hook, line and sinker. I thought I voted for a good man for commissioner but got a bully instead. I have some hope that Mr. Barfield will redeem his integrity when there are some new faces on the county commission come November.

Wilmington's next race for mayor isn't too far down the road. Maybe we'll be hearing from you again.

This blog sponsored by WWAY is really effective... let's hope for a large expression of public outrage at this sales tax debacle.


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