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Lanasa, all Taxpayers, Victimized by Government

County asks for rushed Hearing so a concerned citizen doesn't have time to retain counsel, and formulate their case.

State Board of cronies complies with County request despite the unreasonable nature of that request...which suggests the County fears what would happen if the merits are heard.

Its not conspiracy theory to suggest this was decided in advance and the Board could've looked at a smoking gun, a bullet fired from said gun, into a dead body, and they would have denied that anyone was killed (dead body, bullet lodged in skull, maybe a heart attack but no murder took place).

This nonsense happens all the time in our state and local government. The ends justifies the means and its profitable for the powers that be...who will not budge.

We need to back Lanasta as citizens and demand he be given adequate time to present his case and have the merits heard, that shouldn't be too much to ask (Even if the Board cronies are stacked against him, its still important that he have a fair opportunity to go before them with his case...and he does have one that warrants a fair hearing).

We can't let this pass like they hope and must keep it front and center...don't let them sweep justin's effort under the rug!!!


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