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Was he right?

Yes he was right at that time being in another country US Army General four-star Stanley Allen McChrystal appointed by the President to do his assigned job. He was used to being in charge but this assignment was a very difficult job to get more troops and this country was two times larger than Iraq. Every day you could be killed. He was talking out loud how he was feeling. I believe he thought he had that job forever. It takes years to be a General four-star and willing to take that assignment. It probably was not his first time he said what was on his mind. I do not believe he was the only one but being the Commander he lost his job.

He made history being a General four-star and being relieved by the President.

Stanley Allen McChrystal graduated from West Point, NY in 1976. His initial assignment was to 82nd Airborne Division, Ft Bragg, NC.

His dates of Service
2LT June 2, 1976
1LT June 2, 1978
CPT August 1, 1980
MAJ July 1, 1987
LTC September 1, 1992
COL September 1, 1996
BG one-star January 1, 2001
MG two-star May 1, 2004
LTG three-star February 16, 2006
GEN four-star June 15, 2009

He served in many wars and was highly decorated.

President Obama relieved embattled General four-star Stanley McChrystal June 23, 2010.

He offered his resignation and the President accepted it.

He served in the US Army from June 2, 1976 until June 23, 2010 (34 years and 21 days)..

He received military rank with the US Army from 2LT to General four-star and was a very intelligent, smart, wonderful, brave, outstanding and dedicated man to serve our country for so many years and he could have maybe gotten a five-star General.

He is a great man and my thoughts are with him today and thank you for all you did for the United States of America. Great job and we will miss him.

Presidents in the past have had disrespectful comments made to them: Lincoln, Wilson, Coolidge, Roosevelt, Truman and Johnson


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