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The Truth!!!

Ok, first of all, let me clear some of this up, i was a inmate at tabor city in 08, i was one of the first inmates to open the second floor, the assistant unit managers name was mr williams, i was there for a duration of nine months, during that time i did not have a TB test done, and for the person that said that an inmate has to be seen within 24 hours, NOT TRUE ALWAYS....I was very ill for about 2 months, when i complained of my illness the seargent told me that i would be placed in the hole, i had to refuse treatment to avoid going to the hole, as time passed on i could not bare the pain so i had to ask my wife to call the prison and complain about why i wasnt being seen by the nurse, i was called to the nurse the next day and she stated that she was seing me because my wife called. I could go into much more detail but i wont, i also wittnesed another inmate die due to lack of attention "at another prison" I couldnt talk about the way the inmatess were treated while i was locked up because i was afraid that i would be punished, but dammit im free now and i have a lot to tell, oh yeah, and for you so called gaurds, i dont have anything against you but i know a lot about you, i wont call any names but some of yoy deserve to be locked up right with the inmates that you gaurd, dont worry you will get caught one day!!!!


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