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Point Missed

For starters, it is "several", not "serveral" - I would have ignored it, but you did it twice.

The lady in the story is a diabetic. Most likely her medication needs to be kept within a certain temperature.

And, of course she is upset! It seems she is more upset about the lack of respect the landlord/apartment manager has given her than the air conditioner being broken.

Management should have been calling her on a daily basis to give her a progress update concerning the air conditioner. After a couple of days, they should have offered and still should offer her a temporary option, like a window unit and fans. In addition they should offer to pay the difference in her electric bill for the extra power needed to run the unites.

People are usually rewarded for being a loyal 'customer' not punished and pushed aside. I believe a lesson in customer service is well overdue for this apartment's management team.


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