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Baseball not boring?

Ok. I am on the train with some of the argument but some of your reasoning is nonsensical and specious. I do not think soccer will ever be as big here as American football or basketball. I love football but hate basketball. Yes, the people who claim soccer is on the cusp of being as big as those other sports are idiots. What I can't stand is people who have this issue with what coverage soccer gets during the World Cup. Don't like soccer. Fine. Don't watch. However, the World Cup is huge and more of us are going to watch it Han most of the variety of otherwise pointless
sportsmin the Olympics. So, for one month evrything four years you don't get to watch every regular season baseball game. Life sucks. Get a helmet.

Which brings me to your nonsensical argument about baseball. If you like American football and hate soccer because it's boring... Ok. I see your point. If you love baseball but hate soccer because it's boring, you're an idiot.. Your reasoning about baseball always being on the cusp of something and that not being true of soccer shows just how little you know of the sport. And soccer players not being exceptional athletes. Again with the ignorance. No other sport do playersh have to run as much with almost no substitutions... And to mention baseball in the same article with that point. Two words: Steve Balboni. Fat guys who can't run don't play soccer.

I like soccer for the opposite reason people like basketball etc. They is so much scoring in basketball that each score is meaningless until the end. One goal can mean everything in soccer.


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