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You're an idiot


1) You really think the "lingo" has any parallel to whether or not Americans like Soccer or not? You thinking this clearly shows me that you haven't done your homework. All across the world, soccer loving countries use different terms for field, pitch, flankers, wingers ext. It's really just preference.

2) Sure, soccer may look easy. So does golf. But the creativity, teamwork, stamina, and skill all combined in soccer are un-paralleled with any other sport. That's what makes it beautiful. Not the fact that anyone can play it, which isn't true at all.

3) If you don't think soccer is growing drastically in this country, then you are ignoring the facts. Seattle Sounders have more season ticket holders than the Mariners. So does Toronto. Philly almost does too. And this is in a Soccer league that is maybe the 7th best league in world going up against a baseball league that is at the top. Imagine how people would embrace it if people were watching the best soccer in the world.

4) I think you are scared of what's to come with soccer. You realize it is growing. Fast. And you don't like that the average sports fan here is starting to embrace it. For some reason or another, it scares you. Probally because you don't understand it ( I know what you're thinking....AND NO, you don't understand it). That is why you result to bash it, hate it, and try to tell everyone that it is boring, dumb, un-entertaining, ext.

5) I'm not telling you to like soccer. I'm just saying frankly that you're pretty dumb and a horrible reporter. You fail to look at facts. And eventually, sooner rather than later , you'll be in the vast minority of people who find soccer to be boring. I promise.


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