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Thank You Kevin

I am just happy people like Kevin Wuzzardo do not like soccer. True soccer fans love the sport and if people like Kevin ever started liking it then they would want to change it.

I don't like basketball at all and I would change tons of rules for it if I could.

For American football I would take away all the helmets and pads and make them play like Aussie Rules Football (now that is a real sport!!!!!).

Baseball-a great game to sit back on the couch, grab a few beers and relax to (probably one of the few games that do not need any changes).

Golf is a nice sport to watch especially when I need an afternoon nap.

Nascar would be a lot better if they were allowed to drive their cars at speeds of 250 mph or more but I understand that keeping drivers alive is much more important than speed (even though it is called a race).

Hockey is a cool sport (pun intended) to watch but I would not want to play it, just wished the guys would play as hard during the season as they do in the playoffs.

So I guess the point I am making is that each of us like different things and we should just leave each other's sports alone and for that matter- leave each other alone.


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