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Shark attack on topsail island

July 3 2011
I had heard about this little girl being bitten and I was standing in knee deep water talking to my friend about it. Just wondering what end of the beach and what time of day this happened.She pointed and said"whats that..a fish" I looked and there in knee deep water was a 6 or 7 foot shark rolling in the water no more than 9-10 feet from us. At the same time we started running out of the water everyone on the beach had spotted it and was running toward the water yelling SHARK.It was rolling and thrashing around in shallow's tail flew out of the water a good 2 feet.Everyone got out of the water and it was pretty clear that we all saw the same thing.About an hour later a patrol came by on his 4wheeler and a man down the beach stopped him to tell him about it....then he stopped at us and asked if we had seen a dolphin.We said NO WE SAW A SHARK!! I told him it was brown and I have lived on the ocean all my life and I knew what a shark was. He said he would report it and we would be seeing a plane fly over soon to see if there really was a shark problem.He then rode to the water and asked a man fishing if he had seen a shark...and that man also said YES.The 1st guy he spoke with walked down to our group and said that we would not see a plane because it was July 4th weekend and that would ruin the beach crowd for Topsail.This has really upset me because I would like to know if I need to be putting extra care in my beach weekend with my family. I'm sure if there was a cop killer staying on Topsail they would like to know as well.It is the ocean and sharks do live there...but we should be informed of activity and let parents take those risks or not....Don't shrug our concerns ....I would rather step on a glass bottle(that you are trying to write a ticket for) than have my child bitten or even killed by a shark that the town knew was in over abundance near shore.Just do your I can do mine as a loving and protective parent.


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