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I would bet anything it was

I would bet anything it was a Nurse Shark. They lay in 4ft of water and sometimes get a bit annoyed when stepped on. They 'bite'. There are reports that this was a 'bull attack'. To say this was a bull shark 'attack' is completely insane. If a bull shark ""attacks"" you, you don't walk out of the water with a few stitches on your foot. They are rather aggressive when 'attacking' 13 year old girls. If a reporter or anyone for that matter states ""attack"" in the same breath when talking about sharks in NC, you are generally listening to a moron. Was this young girl 'bit' by a shark; probably. Is she giving Topsail a bad rep: hell yeah. The United States should chill out a little bit about a person getting nipped by a fish here and there. I'd rather take 60 stitches to a foot by a passive shark then hit the debt ceiling in 12 days.... just saying.


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