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Sharks July 24th to August 1, 2011

My family and I were at Surf City from July 24th to August 1st, we just got home. While we were there there were about 4 shark spottings a day, some 6 to 7 feet according to the surfers. Not one shark bit. One 5 footer swam right past me and my family's feet (knee deep water) and didn't bother us. They did clear the beach once because a 7 footer was swimming in the shallow water (reports are both of a Tiger and a Great White, but who knows who to believe)but after it was cleared out, everyone entered again. We were all aware of the shark sightings but not one person got bit. It was pretty cool, there was a shark swimming around a bunch of surfers (they said again about a 6 or 7 footer) and all of a sudden a dolphin came swimming right to the surfers and chased the shark away. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen. I've heard about it happening on the discovery channel, but I never thought I would ever get to see such a thing. I only wish I would have had my phone on me at that time to take a video of it. But there were plans flying over all the time and like I said not one person got bitten while we were down there even with all the HUGE sharks that were spotted. It's the ocean, you will be swimming with all kinds of creatures, including sharks. If you can't handle it, stay out of the water!


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