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City Trail is a good idea

While I'm no big fan of mayor Saffo or his Convention Center, the Cross-City Trail is one thing that he has gotten right. Judging from the comments, I assume most responding here, rarely get off their couches. You should really try and get some exercise, as it will slim down those fat fingers of yours that keep hitting the 'd' and 'f' keys at the same time.
One way you can do it is by getting on a bike and riding around town on a paved path that will keep you from getting flattened by an inbred redneck in a jacked up Dodge Truck. When completed, the trail will let you come from anywhere in town to Wrightsville Beach, where you won't have to give those greedy SOBs any parking money. Just bring a bike lock, a cooler that fits in your basket and a plastic cup for your 6-pack. Park in front of the Town Hall and laugh at them.
Naturally, the spandex warriors who are too good for bike paths will continue to ride in the center of traffic. We can only hope that the above-mentioned inbred rednecks will reduce their numbers.
Finally, The Cross City trail will pass plenty of supermarkets (via neigborhoods and side streets.) Thus the yuppie hippie-wannabes will have no more excuses for not leaving the BMW in the garage when they need to go to the store for low fat soy milk. Notice that knowing smirk as they pedal past the BP station..
You can find a progess map of the Cross City Trail in pdf format here:

Sorry, there is no 'DOS' format, just as there are no more analog broadcasting signals. So maybe you stone-agers should catch up with the times? There's a lot more to the world outside of your trailer park!


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