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You need sensitivity training there, Buckwheat!

Your post could have made much more sense if you could drop some of your name calling and pidgeon-holing of the locals here.

"...fat fingers", "...inbred redeneck in a jacked up Dodge..", "...greedy SOB's...", "...spandex warriors", "...inbred rednecks" (again), "...yuppie, hippie wannabes", and "...stone-agers that live in trailer parks".

Well, my, my "Rodney", you have such a nice way of categorizing the people of this area, it must be excruciatingly riminiscent of your home town in West Virginia...NOT!

Your comments are insulting to the people of this locale and do not add the humor you seek with your attempt at "colorful" writing. Go back to school, immerse yourself in some serious therapy and whatever you do, never divulge your true identity or you may not make it to the end of your little trail!


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