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You people are halarious...

As I sit here reading your gripes. I find it amusing that most of these posts appear to be from people that have suffered from their owm stupidity. Although there are companies that do have shaddy practices, the one's that hve been around for decades do not operate that way. I myself have had dealings with most of the towers in our area & they are respectable. Some are not, so I avoid them. Bottom line is towers abide by laws/regs just like we do. If that tower that supposedly remove the scooter illegally, did so then the police should have charge them with motor vehicle theft. That's the law. So there is more to that story than was told. No tower can legally tow your vehicle without proper consent, whether it be from the property owner/manager or law enforcement. It boils down to idiot drivers doing idiot things, you play you pay. If it weren't for idiot drivers in this town, we would not be #1 in the state for accidents. Tow driver's doing their job is not the root problem. Wise up!!!


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