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Brunswick co DWI

What in the world is wrong with the brunswick county court system or should I say the da's letting these drunk drivers and criminals off scott free so often?
This needs an external investigation. I know a man who has been in and out ofc their courts every other month cfor several years and the DA dismiss each and every charge until he finally killed someone and he is still not locked up ! oh, because anyone can bond out and continue to break the law and perhaps even kill another person while waiting to go to trial for the first murder.
what a bunch of bull ! This news story is a sick joke on society and that ass. d.a. should be fired.
read their court cases in the paper each week and 90 % of the cases say dismissed. EVERY week!! Why do law enforcement agencies bother to risk their lives to arrest and charge criminals just to have the people in the court room dismiss their charge? Do they think the officer didn't know what he was doing when he charged them? The man in the above story was charged 30 times just while Gore has been in office and 20 of those charges were dismissed?? What a joke!!! I doubt police officers etc made 20 mistakes in arresting this man....wake up people and do something ........


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