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Erin Holden, Brunswick County ADA

I personally think your story about Erin Holden and the Brunswick County District Attorney's Office is biased and unfair. Every attorney loses a case once in awhile, even the best and most experienced attorneys. District attorneys and ADAs lose more than most, because, their duty is to prosecute people accused of crimes, only the shakiest cases make it to trial (the rest plead prior to trial) and the burden of proof for conviction at a criminal trial (beyond a reasonable doubt) is the toughest legal standard to meet.
I have known Rex Gore ever since I started practicing law in this area, almost twenty-eight years ago. Although he is a human being, like the rest of us, I have always known him to be well-meaning and moral. And unlike his predecessor and others of his and other elected positions, he has never seemed to me to have other political aspirations. He has taken his job seriously and, in my opinion, he has done well.
I have known Erin Holden ever since she has been with the District Attorney's Office. She takes all of her cases very seriously and she works tirelessly to prosecute those she is charged with prosecuting. I have tried more than one case against her.
The true test of how good a prosecutor is is not simply whether they obtain a conviction in a particular case. It is whether they do their job competently with the evidence they are able to present. It is also about how they deal with victims, witnesses, judges, defense attorneys and the public. It is about doing justice and doing their jobs. Erin Holden is also a human being, like me, but I would give her high marks as a prosecutor. I personally think your story is unfair. Perhaps you might think about making up for this unfairness by reporting about some of the cases she has won without doing so in such a facetious manner.

Mark Lewis


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