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Where the real blame should be applied.

Everyone wants to blame the DA, the Judge, the Police officers and totally forget to place blame on the offender. These idiot repeat offender DWI's are personal decisions made by the "offender". All of the laws, all of the convictions, beatings, MADD, DAMM, these pointless postings or anything else will do any good to stop this behavior. Lock them up 50 times, take their licenses, give them criminal records, it simply does not matter. These idiots make their own decisions to get behind the wheel when drunk. They are very similar to pedophiles, they have an incurable problem. The ONLY cure for a pedophile is to remove the equipment permanently.

I still say amputation of the feet and hands for a repeat DWI offender would ordered by the judge would be a very effective deterrant. The last time they would ever need handcuffs. In fact handcuffs wouldn't even work without hands.

Anybody got a problem with this form of preventative measure? Got any better ideas? We already know that what we already do doesn't work, so why beat a dead horse? Answer: The DWI conviction system is NOTHING more than a money generator for the county, state and the attorneys. It is totally ineffective to prevent drunk drivers!


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