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For the folks complaining about a 'cheap' story and 'biased' reporting - please shut up. If not for this tv station, we would know nothing about what goes on in Brunswick County. This article is reporting what took place in a case. Simple. If you don't like the information, don't blame the news station. Give the reporter time, as one suggested. They may go deeper into the case - then you can complain about that, too.

As for Mr. Lewis, you are correct, these people are human, thanks for pointing that out so we'll know. I agreed up to the point where you told me how great and dedicated and all that other rot about Gore. We all know better, so save it for when you want to sell the Brooklyn Bridge. Since you are a lawyer, maybe you are trying to make points until Gore leaves - which won't be soon enough for many of us.

It IS true that too many times each week, no matter what the crime, nor how long the string of charges, people get off with "voluntarily dismissed." I don't know what happened exactly, but I'm not dumb. There are deals being made between judges and lawyers somewhere, somehow. There are certain lawyers whose reputations are that they go into the judge's office, and when they come out, the charges disappear. Don't bother to tell me it doesn't happen. It does. The paper bears that out each and every week.

I don't know how much is Holden's fault and how much was up to the judge. I know how several of the judges got where they are and what their reputations are. I know the 'system' here doesn't mind throwing anybody under the wheels. But we all do know who is in charge. Enough said.


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