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Drunks in Brunswick co.

Look how many people have been killed just this past year by drunks in brunswick county ! The one I was referring to has been in and out of their court room for drunk driving at least 4 times over the last 2 yrs.
They always dismissed his charges, sent him on his merry way and now he has killed a young mother of three and still isn't in jail out there! House arrest & work release until trial time--whenever that may or may not be. So look out. there are killers on the roads and your family could be next!
It's as the highway patrol has said--THEY are strict on drunk driving---they set up DWI check points, stop the ones weaving down the rd . Arrest and charge them for DWI but once they get to court someone dismisses it and the drunks are back on the streets that night.
The man in the above story it says was up to his 5th DWI charge. Dismissed--ROFL.......He won't end up killing a family while they are driving to the park.
set him free and worry about a man driving drunk in a golf cart on an island with no cars or streets. yeah--he was dangerous! but the man out here with 5 DWI charges isn't? he is still on our highways.
I agree with the person above. If a repeat offender can't be punished in the court room and locked up awhile then cut off their hands so they can't drive!! They can still lap up the alcohol with their tongues like the dogs they are.


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