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it needs to stop

To begin with. . I bet 99 percent of the city police have to be downtown on Friday and Saturday nights to help with the drunk kids coming out of the bars. Yes, kids. Anyone who thinks the majority of these fools are 21 or older is living in a fantasy world. What happens to the rest of the city when this is going on? What do you do if you need a city policeman?? And of all things, our city council condones this behavior. They have meetings to "figure out how to handle these immature, underage and older drunks" when in fact they should be trying to come to a mature decision on how to stop all this. There are too many bars downtown. It doesn't take a college graduate to realize that when you turn this many kids loose in a small confined area and let them drink till they drop you are going to have serious problems with injuries and even death. I can't wait to see the fiasco when the convention center opens and those people want to go downtown on a weekend night for dinner. I used to love to go downtown for dinner and a stroll but you couldn't get me down there for anything now. Someone needs to wake up and take this situation by the seat of the pants and stop it.


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