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People truly have no clue...

Well I think 2 issues need to be addressed,and not tip toed around:
1- It is clear that race is an issue when it comes to the current problem downtown especially in the area of 2nd and market. Anyone who challenges that should do them self a favor and actually go down to see the zoo that it is, and not sit behind a computer and gripe.
2- To Vicky who clearly has not thought out her comment " There are too many bars downtown" what about larger citys such as New York, Chicago, etc. where there are 10 times the amount of bars that Wilmington has in the same amount of area. It doesnt seem to me that in such a tough economic climate, business that contribute HEAVILY in taxes, as well as offer many many jobs should be closed down because there are not enough officers to police the area. If the city adopted a zero tollerance policy downtown toward fighting, loitering, urinating in public, and general drunk and disordely conduct, that would surely be a start to cleaning up the issues.


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