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Grossly Exagerrated

There are certain clubs that allow underage drinking to set in, but to say its the underage drinkers causing problems is nothing short of a farce. A vast majority of the problem causers are 21 to 25 years old

As a 30 year old who grew up drinking downtown underage, I can tell you when you're drunk and underage the last thing you want is trouble. You know which bars will allow it and which ones to avoid. You also know that any interaction with a police officer is going to be a phone call home or an instant citation.

The problem is far more complex, but the heart of it is the 2am bar closing. Dump 3000 drunks onto the streets at one time in a single place and yes...there will be problems. Too many bars close together, plenty of bars guilty of over serving, and way too many hot tempered 21-25'ers out there just looking to fight when getting laid isn't an option.


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