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I hate to say it...but I said it back then and I'll say it again..ANOTHER DO NOTHING LAW on the books...

"It's just so difficult to enforce," Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said. "You assume that someone's texting, when in fact they could just be dialing a phone number, which technically is legal."

Ummm..YEAH...that's the first thing that was brought up about the law...

LASTLY to this little gem..."It's just dumb," Evangelous said. "We ought to ban the use of cell phones - period."

First, I NEED LESS government in my business...not more...not more laws for me to follow or intrude into my life....SECOND..IF that is your statement and you TRULY believe needs to be NO RADIO, NO PAPERS, BOOKS, PENS, etc in the front seat, NO CIGARETTE LIGHTERS...NO SMOKING...and ONE occupant per car...cellphones are no more distracting than those things listed...get in touch with reality...I'm sure he's been knocking on your liberal door for YEARS...just answer it and all will make sense!


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