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Honestly it sounds like you need a little less government in your life, and we need a lot less of you on the road.

If you're seriously reading a book while driving you have issues not just with safety but stupidity as well. The jokes about people shaving and brushing their teeth while driving, I guess we all have a real life example now. Sadly the only joke I see is YOU.

If you don't think talking on a cell phone is distracting you're straight up ignorant. Unless its hands free, (in which case there is little to no problem and it is LEGAL) you have one hand on the wheel for an inordinate amount of time and you're creating unnatural blind spots. There have been numerous studies that show the reaction time to people on non-hands free phones is on par with people above the legal drinking limit. Sadly, YOU are the reason we do need laws like this and YOU are the reason government has to get in your life.

Someone has to protect us liberals from all the stupid people out there, regardless of political allegiances.



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