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Thoughts on the Texting Ban

I don't understand why people are too stupid to text and drive or talk and drive at the same time. Memorize your key pad and you don't have to take your eyes off the road to text. People too dumb to memorize their keypads don't have any business driving anwyays. I see people all the time who drift from lane to lane, or go 20 miles under the speed limit because they are pre-occupied with a phone, or eating, or with others in the car. What it comes down to is that people need to know their own limits. If you know you drive like an idiot when you're distracted, then take measures to limit distractions. If you can multi-task and not lose your head when having to deal with two situations at the same time, you shouldn't be punished by "the law" designed for morons. I agree that we all need LESS government in our lives, although it's very sad that so many people can only function when the government is telling them how to live. The government fosters this kindergarten mentality that punishes a whole group for the stupid actions of a few, and that just isn't right.


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