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This whole election has come down to a race issue. I have to totally agree with the first commenter! Yes...she got her way! ONE MORE TIME! Bladen County is going to go to you know where in a hand basket NOW!!!!!! No one is perfect but the way things were done in the recent election and what is being done now is absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!! We all need to pray hard for what our county is fixing to have to face. And now is when I am going to worried too death about my kids! When you have someone coming into office that is friends with some of the worst criminals that there is in Bladen can we be any other way but DOOMED?!?!?! Knowing that my children will be going to school with others that are not made to obey the law, but if my children get out there and do something, they will definitely get the max punishment. I just wished someone could answer the question as to why you would appoint someone like Mr. Storms to take on the roll of sherriff again when he has not had any influence in the way things are being run now? Why not appoint someone that is already there????? This county is unbelievable! And to the second commenter.....NO 80% of the force does NOT need to fired! The officers that are currently employeed by this county needs to just be held accountable for doing what they had sworn to do. And if not, they should have to deal with the consequences of their actions! If you can't cut the mustard, then you need to be shown the door. I feel SOME, not ALL, of the ones that were not sworn in were treated unfairly. But this IS typical for politics! All I can say is that I am truly disappointed in the choices that have been made by some our counties "FINEST"!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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