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Earl Storms is Prentis's puppet

Earl Storms is straight lieing about the 5 not resworn because they did not apply for there job's. No body else did. Did Captain Benston reapply. They were already employed why would they apply for a job you have that's stupid. What about all the other deputies. He's a poor lier. I cant beleive he thinks the citizen's of bladen county would buy that. If he's going to choose not to reswear those officers back in which he can do just like any other nc sheriff. Why didnt he just tell the truth. "This is who prentis told me not to". I had no problem with Prentis winning the primary. I agree that he is a 20 plus year veteran. He seemed like a nice guy.Prentis has never made even 1 arrest. If serving evictions and domestic violence orders was Bladen counties #1 problem then Prentis would be the man. But how to investigate a serious crime or make our school's safer well he's going need some good support telling him what 2 do. He's never had 2 do it before. I was going to support prentis in the november election. I thought he was a nice guy. This america i dont think they should be able to get rid people just because they were vocal on who they wanted to win.


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