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This is a typical "good ole

This is a typical "good ole boy" tactic. When are the citizens of Bladen County going to wake up and smell the coffee? My family and I moved here over 5 years ago and we have not stopped being completely AMAZED with the "good ole boy" things that go on in this county. (Also in the counties surrounding Bladen County.) While I understand that the people of Bladen County are "beholden" to those in power and those with the money, it is time for the average citizen of Bladen County to say NO!!! to those who yearn to return to a time long past when they could do as they pleased. Who is this fool interim sheriff to come in and fire people for no reason other than the fact that he disagrees with him? Does the counsel/commission who appointed him not have the backbone to tell him he is NOT going to trash the county on their watch? What happens when the next ELECTED sheriff comes into office? That person will do so with an undermanned department because Mr. Storms was allowed to wreak havoc in the department. I for one do not appreciate being left with an undermanned sheriff's office for even a day let alone long enough to replace the fired personnel. Storms should be removed from his appointed position and replaced with someone who truly cares about the citizens of Bladen County and not about his place in the county. When I next need a member of the sheriff's office to handle a matter for me and there is not enough personnel to do so I am going to EXPECT Storms to be on my doorstep "johnny of the spot", not his deputies but STORMS.


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