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Seems Fishy!

If Justin is out of town, how does dropping a letter in the mail constitute "serving" a party to a legal matter when they are not there to get it...

I have never heard of just mailing something as being a proper and legal method of "serving" a party.

Is New Hanover County and its big spending commissioners simply doing an end run around the law, hoping justin won't sue (at his own expense) claiming he wasn't properly served?

I don't put it past them, after all, they want to spend that money and if they are acting illegally, those responsible like Barfield, Thompson and Williams know it won't cost them a penny...taxpayers will get the legal bill if in fact those big spenders are ignoring the law.

Something here doesn't add up: it legal to do what the County is doing? How bout explaining to viewers why the service requirements changed from what was reported last week to this supposed resolution which contradicts previous news reports on the requirements for legally serving mr. justin?


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