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Quit wasting our money

We cut teacher positions but now I hear that all three high schools have a partnership with schools in either Denmark or China. How much does it cost to send 20 students and faculty over there? Couldn't that money be better used to keep teachers so classes can remain small. Dan is always traveling somewhere when with technology today he could do a lot more over the internet. Who does one see to get a copy of what our tax dollars are spent for. Now they put out handouts in the schools to give to students to take home about the 1/4 cents sales tax. How much more can the residents of Columbus County afford to pay for two school systems? I would love to see WWAY get a copy of how much was spent on the Grove Park Inn Retreat. Love for them to find out what it cost the county schools for those vendors to feed all those people and provide the booze. Where is our accountability from the Board? Does anyone on the Board of Education know what goes on at these retreats? Two years ago it was held at Ft. Caswell Baptist Retreat. Why can't they do professional development at one of the schools in the summer and avoid paying for rooms? Quit wasting our money and asking for more. I hope the people of Columbus County are not ignorant enough to vote for a tax increase so they can have more to waste. Use what you have appropriately before asking for more.


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