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Bladen County Sheriff

Firstly, our county commissioners should have known better than to bring Earl Storms back. Secondly, Phillip Little has been acting Bladen County Sheriff when the former Sheriff was out of town. So the "common sense" thing to have done was to have elected Phillip Little Sheriff for the next five months. It is obvious there was a motive to elect Storms. I am disappointed that several of our commissioners fell for Miss Blank's trap and I am sure they are now. Storms is serving as clean-up man for Sheriff hopeful Benston.

Earl Storms stated he wanted to get to know the Deputies was the reason he requested them to fill out job applications. If memory serves me right three of the five he let go worked for him when he was Sheriff before.

The good news is our younger generation is not playing the good ole boy politics.
The dirty politics truths are coming out like never before and change is on the way.
They are many unanswered questions in this whole mess. With the press now involved and citizens in an uproar folks will either come clean or be voted out of office or better yet citizens will do their homework before they cast their votes.

Questions that need to be answered:

1. who financed Rodney Hester’s campaign?
2. who financed Prentis Benston’s campaign?
3. what was the purpose of bringing Earl Storms back?
4. why did Storms not hire those who supported Eric Bryan?
5. is Storms a Blank’s yes man?
6. why did both Bryan and Benston refuse to debate the issues?
7. what is Benston’s education level?
8. do we need a Sheriff who is not affiliated with current mess?


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