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Do ya Thing..English 101 or English for Dummies..get it.

Eveyone is entitled to their opinion...and here is mine! If you choose to write your opinion/comment in a forum showing your support for Prentis then for God's sake show some sort of intelligence! Your comment reeks of ignorance and just adds more stupidity to this whole mess. If you cant speak or type out a simple sentence then it's best to stay in the cave from which you came out of. Maybe you could get someone to proof read and correct your comments before you actually post them.

Bladen County has enough issues without having the leaders (elected or appointed)involved in this kind of turmoil. I realize that things very seldom run smooth when you throw politics into the mix but this has gone on long enough. The damage that is being done to our county is almost to the point of being beyond repair. Law enforcement will always have the stigma of being corrupt which is not always the case. This situation is not helping that image. These officials need to look within themselves and remember what is truly ethical and will benefit our citizens and the county as a whole, which means the personal feelings and party affiliations need to be put aside.


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