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Race a factor?

C'mon? You say NOT???
How in the heck do you think Obama was elected? Does first time, minority voters ring a bell? Do you think it was racist that people who had NEVER voted or knew anything about politics got off their lazy tails and voted for him simply because he was black, or closest thing to it?

So, now...see what we get when people vote with emotion rather than value? Now, we have a healthcare system that nobody wanted and will be impossible to fund and now he's wasting the taxpayers money to sue Arizona because of their effort to enforce existing immigration law and protect their borders (that the federal government refused to do!). Ever notice that Obama never has the American Flag behind him when he "orates"? These are simple questions, you guys can fill in the answers.

So, how many of you are still looking in your mailbox daily to see if it is full of free stuff? Getting old and boring isn't it? Hopefully the next time people get off their duffs to go vote, it will be in the best interest of the people, not in the best interest of A person, his race or his color! This should apply to all elections, at all levels.


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