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Weak Leaders!!

It looks as if the County Commissioners don't have any idea of how to govern. On Tuesday morning they were all saying that Mr. Storms was the best man for the job. Less than 24hrs after the swearing in ceremony they are having buyer's remorse. Why, because the Chairman's nephew and a few other political aligned individuals did not fit Mr. Storms restructuring plans. The man makes one decision that goes against what some misguided commissioners wanted and now they are ready to throw him under the bus. When considering Mr. Storms in the first place did the commissioners truly want an individual who was a strong independent leader or a puppet to only do what the commissioners wanted? Who in their right mind could imagine that this department after such a contested and heated primary and runoff election could function effectively without personnel changes? Politics is cruel, mean, and sometimes dirty. These commissioners made backroom deals to appoint Mr. Storms Sheriff. They played politics and now they are crying about "Politics". People please!

It is rumored that former candidate and Sheriff Deputy Lt. Bryan reported to the Sheriff's office after he lost the runoff and threw his uniforms in the floor. On the night of the runoff, Deputy Lesane appeared from the courthouse so angry as if he wanted to attack someone. Some officers that supported Lt. Bryan were banging cars, swearing, and acting extremely unprofessional. Individuals, including some of the one's that were not sworn on Tuesday were walking around the sheriff's department being openly critical of Capt. Benston, the people's choice and democractic nominee for Sheriff. Additionally, there has been numerous rumors of individuals saying and doing things in this election cycle that are inappropriate and very un-Christian. All of these very mature individuals knew that as a "Sheriff's Deputy", if you play in politics you can live by it or die by it. Now we have commissioners talking about firing the man they just hired because he supported Capt. Benston; while on the other hand they wanted to hire Chief Deputy Little when he openly campaigned and supported Lt. Bryan. This whole thing stinks and the commissioners are to blame because they were too chicken to do the right thing in the first place.

Why all this anger? People ought to ask the hard and tough questions and demand answers. I think the Interim Sheriff (5mos) did what he thought was best. It would be almost impossible for him to do an effective job without shaking things up. Too, had any other person been in his position they would have had to make similar choices. Did the commissioners expect Mr. Benston to work in a department for the remainder of the year under someone who meant him "no good" and amongst individuals bitter and constantly out to destroy him? Second, I think the Sheriff was right to ask for an audit of the agencies property. However, I think a further audit needs to be conducted of the agencies fiances, especially grant funds. I don't know how true it is but I hear that some deputies including the former Chief Deputy and Sheriff was paid in excess of $20,000 a year in overtime. Any time a salaried employee makes this kind of $$$ in overtime, something is wrong! An impartial audit and investigation clears the air and ensures that the citizens tax dollars are spent appropriately. At present the whole overtime issue smells like "double dipping." Lastly, this whole turn of events is not a negative reflection of the Interim Sheriff but of the Commissioners. Citizens do need to wakeup. We need to really look at why we pick the leaders we have. Do we vote for individuals because they are the best qualified, they will do the best job, they are more attractive than the opponent, or they have the most money? At present our county has people in governmental positions locally through the state house with little education and questionable experiences. With these dynamics it is not a mystery why we get the results from government that we do.


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